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Wasteland is a post-apocalyptic game set in 2087. Your party, the famed Desert Rangers, has been assigned to investigate a series of disturbances in the desert. This minor assignment soon unfolds into a major, world-threatening plot. A more in depth history of the Wasteland universe is available here.
Big news! Wasteland 2 is on. It is being funded on Kickstarter and has already met its funding goal two days into the process. Read more on the Wasteland 2 inXile website.
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The Wasteland Reset program is also available for use with some PC versions of the game.
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A short survival guide to life in Wasteland
  1. Buy an AK-97 assault rifle.
  2. If there's someone hanging around your neighborhood you don't know, shoot him.
Acquiring Wasteland
Wasteland currently runs on three different platforms. Originally released late in January, 1987 for the Apple ][ platform, it was soon ported to the C-64, and a PC version was released in 1988. The Apple ][ and C-64 versions are available on the Internet - for more information, go to the emulator page. The PC version of the game is harder to find - it might be necessary to track down a used copy. If you own an PC, I suggest doing this - this version is much easier to use since the whole game fits onto one disk.
If you are looking to buy the PC version, there are several available sources:
  1. Purchase Interplay's 10 Year Anthology CD
  2. Find a November 1996 or October 1997 issue of Computer Gaming World. Wasteland was included on the CD that came with each of these issues.
  3. Purchase The Ultimate RPG Archive, put out by Interplay under their DragonPlay line. Available from CD-ROM Access.
  4. Search on the news group
  5. Ebay.
For more information on the chronology of Wasteland releases, check out the Wasteland Ranger HQ-Grid.
Big news! Wasteland 2 is on. It is being funded on Kickstarter and has already met its funding goal two days into the process. Read more on the Wasteland 2 inXile website.
A sequel for Wasteland was originally planned, titled Meantime, but unfortunately, it was never finished. However, a Wasteland-style game was released in 1990, called Fountain of Dreams (which actually uses the Wasteland engine), but it lacks in plot.
Fortunately for us, Fallout was released in 1997, and though it is not an official sequel to Wasteland, it is very close. In fact it makes several in game references to Wasteland. Fallout 2, sequel to the popular title Fallout, is avalailable.
Also out is a strategy game based on Fallout, called Fallout Tactics.

Fallout 3 was released in 2008.
To find out more about these games, visit the Wasteland Ranger HQ-Grid.
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