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Running Wasteland on Emulators
Wasteland is available for three platforms - Apple ][, C-64, and IBM PC. As far as Mac users go, the easiest route (as well as keeping true to the original) is to use the Apple ][ emulators. It is also possible to use a IBM PC emulator, such as Virtual PC (I have successfully used versions 1, 2, 4, and 4 Test Drive for OS X). For me, the C-64 is the last route, but some like it more this way. If you own an IBM, your best bet is to locate your own copy of it. If you are unable to do this, emulators should work fine (though I have never tried it).
NOTE - If you plan on using the Apple ][ emulators, you must also download the Apple ][e rom. You can do this from the previous link (which is linked to but without Apple's permission).

NOTE 2 - These links go bad. I tried to provide links to actual files, but versions changed, as do websites. Use these program names as a guideline if a link no longer works, and if you do find out more information about anything, drop me a line.

Apple ][ emulators for Macintosh
Go to for a more detailed account of Apple ][ emulators for the Mac.
IIe 3.01 I personally think that IIe 3.01 is the easiest emulator to use, but it is Shareware, and it does have a time restraint. If you plan on doing a lot of Apple ][ emulating, it is well worth the $30. If you only plan on playing Wasteland, use one of the other emulators.
Catakig 1.03 Catakig 1.03 is a very versatile emulator, emulating the Apple ][, ][+, and the ][e. It is also freeware, but unfortunately I have not gotten it to work with Wasteland.
STM .851r
STM .881r
STM (Stop the Madness) is also a good Apple ][e emulator. STM .881r is the more newer version, with many extra feature, but it is supposedly possesses a few bugs. However, it has worked fine for me, though I still suggest trying out both versions.

Apple ][ emulators for IBM Unfortunately, I don't know much about Apple ][ emulation for the IBM. I do know however that this FTP site has everything related to Apple ][ emulation. Here is a link to a Win 95 based emulator (I think), however, you are on your own from there.

C-64 Emulators for Macintosh
Go to for a more detailed account of C-64 emulators for the Mac.
Power64 2.0
Frodo/MacOS 4.1.5
Power 64 2.0 and Frodo/MacOS 4.1.5 are both excellent C-64 emulators. Both are Shareware, though I'm not sure if there are any limits on them. I haven't tried running Wasteland on either of these emulators.

C-64 Emulators for IBM
CCS64 Home page of CCS64.
Frodo Win32 Home page of Frodo Win32.
C-64 Web Shrine There are several C-64 emulators here - I think they are all IBM one's. This site also has a good selection of other C-64 related items, including games.

Apple ][ Disks
  1. Wasteland Disks - .nib format.
  2. Wasteland Disks - .dsk format.
  3. Wasteland Disks - .dsk.gz format (gzipped).
C-64 Disks
  1. Wasteland Disks - .d64 format.

For more help with Macintosh emulation, go to
For more Apple ][ emulation resources, go to
For more C-64 emulation resources, go to the C-64 Web Shrine.

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